VRLA Pure Lead Series

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VRLA Pure Lead Series

VRLA Pure Lead Series

VRLA Pure Lead Series , VRLA Pure Lead Series

Product Standards

Adopted the most advanced technology in Europe, Using Special Lead
Paste and technology of coated plate
Longer life
Superior high-rate performance
Special technology, green environmental protection
Outstanding low temperature performance


General Features

Environmental friendly
First-line brand in Europe, produced by authorized Center Power
The worldeading GY patent technology
The only global manufacturer and the leading in the world
Excellent performance, unparalleled
25% lighter than the traditional maximum VRLA battery in weight
The design life is 10 years, 33% longer than the domestic
manufacturersBetter performance in instantaneous discharge than other competitors
Battery together with battery shelf, save costs of installation and transportation
Better quality products at good values


Communication equipment
Telecommunication control equipment
Emergency lighting systems
Electric power systems
Power station
Nuclear power station
Solar powered and wind powered systems
Load leveling and storage equipment
Marine equipment
Power generation plants
Alarm systems

General Specifications


XXXXXXTypeXXXXXX Nominal Voltage (V) 


Capacity (10HR) (Ah)

Nominal Capacity

/ WPC (15min 1.67V)

Length Width Height Total Height Terminal Weight
XXmmXX in XXmmXX in XXmmXX in XXmmXX in Kg IBS
HF12-390WP-X 12V / 390 306 12.05 170 6.69 220 8.66 225 8.86 M8 28.5 62.8
HF12-420WP-X 12V / 420 339 13.3  173 6.81  215 8.46  220 8.66  M8 31.5 69.4
HF12-850WP-X 12V / 850 526 20.7 238 9.37 246 9.69 246 9.69 M10 67.5 148.8
6FM100LP-X 12V 100    /     339 13.35  173 6.81  214.5 8.44 220 8.66 M8 27.5  60.6 
6FM200LP-X 12V 200  /   526 20.71  238 9.37  246 9.69  246 9.69  M10 59.5  131.2 
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