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Royal Home UPS 2000 VA / 24v

Royal Home UPS 2000 VA / 24v

Home UPS , Royal Home UPS 2000 VA / 24v

Pure Sine Wave ROYAL Series


ROYAL Sine Wave UPS Systems are multi-functional & highly utilitarian in character meant for those who always prefer everything best in their life. Not only do they provide extra-long back-up for personal computers, they also ensure 100% safety to all your power sensitive equipment's.

Salient Features

  • Battery Friendly: It charges battery faster & saves battery from going into deep discharge which is injurious to the health of battery.
  • It charges the battery from as low as 100 V mains.
  • Faster Charging: Unlike other Inverter/UPS it charges battery faster at a rate of 15A on 220V mains.
  • LUXURY- Power of Re-boosting: The only Inverter/UPS In India which can recharge the battery that goes below 5V DC due to certain failure, on resumptions of mains voltage.
  • Never Say Die: In case of Fan failure. the presence of large heat sink does not let the temperature